Why skirt your building?

Temperature Control

The air beneath the home creates a natural barrier that protects the floor and the rest of the structure from extreme temperatures during the summer and winter months. This helps to keep the interior of the home at a controllable temperature, which saves on heating and cooling costs.


Ventilation helps to keep the sub-area dry, which protects any wood members of the sub-flooring or support piers from rot, mold and infestations by pests that are attracted to moisture, such as ants and termites.

Pest/Animal Control

Skirting deters our furry friends from intruding on the underbelly of your home.  They can wreak havoc on insulation, wiring, and other essentials under your home.

Curb Appeal

Adding skirting to your home enhances the overall look of your building.  We can color match our skirting to match your building.

Our skirting packages include the following:

  • 29 gauge metal color matched to the cabin if desired
  • 6″ outside corners
  • J-Rail track on the ground secured with 6″ galvanized nails every 4 feet
  • 4″ x 16″ aluminum air vents

We recommend 1 square foot of vented air per 150 square feet of floor space.