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General Shelters of Texas, Ltd. is one of the largest portable buildings manufacturers in Texas. Our plant and Corporate Headquarters, situated in Center, TX, are located in the heart of the Texas Forest Country. The company has over 4 decades experience in the construction of mobile, modular, steel and portable buildings for residential, farming and agriculture, military, construction, oilfield, automotive, retail and commercial applications. Over 100,000 buildings have been produced since the company opened its doors in 1973.

Our experienced team can manufacture your portable buildings for almost any need, from basic storage to custom order. All products are available in a variety of colors and styles to create an attractive addition to almost any surrounding. We have built ranch houses, homes, school classrooms, churches, U.S. Army barracks and Post Offices, mobile offices, backyard sheds, modular buildings, fire stations, storage buildings, lease buildings, labs, cabins, horse barns, shops and stores, living quarters, bunkhouses and many more. Our emphasis is on quality, stepping outside of the industry standard to create the building that you can use and enjoy a lifetime.

In 1999 we started roll forming metal for use on our buildings and have since started fabricating steel building kits, residential and commercial roofing, everything from covers to large warehouses. These are available in 26 or 29 gauge metal either R-Panel or Ag-Panel. Custom sheet metal, trim, purlin, insulation, screws, doors and windows are also sold to the public. General Shelters has all your metal building components needs!

General Shelter's Buildings are distributed through independent dealers throughout north, east, central and south Texas, Louisiana, South Arkansas and Oklahoma. We build to compliance with local and state codes including International Building Code, Texas Industrial Housing and Building Code, Louisiana Fire Marshall, and local city ordinances.

Choose General Shelters because YOUR building matters....